Class Descriptions

BALLET/TAP COMBO  (Ages 2 ½ - 4)
Children enjoy learning basics and fundamentals in this ballet/ tap combination class. Dance helps children develop imagination, body sense, & ability to relate to music.

BALLET/TUMBLING COMBO  (Ages 3 - 5)                                                                                                                Students focus on basic fundamentals of ballet dancing. Ballet develops a solid foundation for your child's dance education. Tumbling builds motor skills, coordination skills, and assists with developing a good sense of body awareness. 

CLASSICAL BALLET  (Ages 4 - Adult)
The technical foundation of all dance forms.  This class helps develop the poise, posture, grace, flexibility, and strength needed in all forms of dance.  Highly recommended for all dance students.

(Ages 4 - Adult)
Dancers develop rhythmic ability & coordination, while learning fundamental steps advancing to intricate footwork & rhythms.

JAZZ  (Ages 5 - Adult)
High energy and technically based, with tons of pizzazz!  Great for coordination and flexibility.  Ballet is recommended, but not required.

HIP HOP  (Ages 5 - Adult)
Structured street dancing as commonly seen in music videos.  Benefit from the strength, coordination, endurance, and quickness acquired in our hip hop.

MODERN  (Ages 11 - 18)
More of a contemporary dance form, teaching students in terms of moving through space.  Dance improvisation is also studied in this class.  Classical ballet required.

LYRICAL  (Ages 8 - 18)
Lyrical dance is very expressive in nature, combining jazz, ballet, and modern techniques and vocabulary.  Dancers are also required to attend ballet class.

(Ages 11 - 16)
Jazz based class.  Great for those aspiring to audition for High School drill team or dance team.  Improves flexibility, placement, precision, and strength.  A jazz class in addition to the drill team prep class is a great idea!

(Ages 9 - 18)
Great class with concentration on the many leaps, turns, jumps, and tricks involved in all dance styles.  Dancers must also participate in either ballet or jazz.

(Ages 10 - 18)
Technical side of contemporary dance utilizes strong, controlled legwork learned within classical ballet.  The modern dance side emphasizes torso movement, contract-release, floorwork, fall & recovery, as well as improvisation.  Students must also attend classical ballet.

BALLROOM  (Ages 16 - Adult)
Grab your partner and join us for one of our six week sessions in either swing, salsa, tango, waltz, country western and more.  Private lessons also available.  Great fun!

(Ages 9 -15)
Perfect for those who enjoy theatre, musicals, and drama.  Students focus on character dancing techniques, as well as different eras and styles involved in musical theatre dance.  Enjoy original Broadway choreography, along with some voice and acting instruction to compliment the dance instruction.

TUMBLING  (Ages 6 & Older)
Much like floor gymnastics, students will build flexibility, stamina, and physical strength.  Beginning with the basics and progressing students to more advanced skills, our tumbling classes are beneficial to students dance training as well.



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A placement class may be required for those new to the Dance Academy with numerous years of formal training.

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